SB Sandspit


Every so often, when the perfect combination of storms in the Pacific align with the stars and planets in Santa Barbara, Sandspit comes to life (I’ve only witnessed it 3 times). It is a magical wave, accidentally created in 1929, when a breakwater to protect the Santa Barbara Harbor was built.

On the rare occasion Sandspit does break, almost every surfer in the Santa Barbara area will be in the lineup, trying their luck at a rare, 6-second ride in a thick, hollow barrel that seems to break below sea level.

My own surfing ability maxes out at mellow waves on a longboard, so, it’s safe to say I’ve never tried my luck in the water at Sandspit. Instead, I painted a 25-foot-tall mural in downtown Santa Barbara of the wave, and now, you can own a limited edition print of it as well.

This is a limited edition of 100, 8 color, hand printed silkscreen print on Speckletone paper

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